MANISAFE UV Protective Manicure and Sunblock gloves in The Big Smoke. UPF 50+ Rated
The Big Smoke Gel Manicure Gloves - UPF 50+ UV Protection
The Big Smoke Gel Manicure Gloves - UPF 50+ UV Protection
The Big Smoke Gel Manicure Gloves - UPF 50+ UV Protection
The Big Smoke Gel Manicure Gloves - UPF 50+ UV Protection
The Big Smoke Gel Manicure Gloves - UPF 50+ UV Protection

The Big Smoke Gel Manicure Gloves - UPF 50+ UV Protection

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These sleek black gloves are ultra-cool just like the capital itself.  A bit dark but chic and buzzing with excitement. A trip to The Big Smoke never disappoints!

MANISAFE gloves are made from our specialty UV DEFENCE fabric benefits from a UPF50+ rating and blocks UVA and UVB rays to keep your skin healthy and safe during your gel nail application. The fabric is lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. 

DESIGN UPDATE: In response to customer requests these gloves have been updated and no longer have the 'UPF 50+'  printed on the cuff.


  • The 3/4 length fingerless design provides maximum coverage of your skin without getting in the way of the gel polish application
  • Tested by European and Australian standards and rated UPF 50+ Excellent Protection in accordance with AS 4399:2020 - the highest UV protection rating for fabrics in the world.
  • Blocks UVA and UVB rays
  • Recommended by medical experts to maintain healthy skin and help prevent unwanted pre-mature ageing on your hands like wrinkles and age spots and reduce your risk of skin cancer.
  • These manicure gloves are designed to keep your skin healthy and protected during gel manicures in the nail salon or at home.
  • Also perfect for sun protection during driving and outdoor activities. 

UPF 50+ Certified FabricMade from breathable materialMade from lightweight materialMaterial is 4 way stretch for a comfortable fitMade partly from pre-consumer recycled materials


  • Designed in London by a gel nail lover for gel nail lovers
  • 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane (59% recycled materials)
  • These gloves are sold as a pair (left and right hand)
  • One Size Fits Most - The poly/elastane blend means these gloves provide a comfortable stretch and make them suitable for most hand sizes
  • Microfibre finger loop and wrist pull help pull the glove on & off with ease
  • The gloves come in a cute compact pouch to pop in your handbag car to have at the ready for all of your UV protection needs
  • The pouch is made from durable materials and can be sanitised after salon visits to eliminate possible germs.
  • Machine washable up to 30 degrees. Wash inside out. Line dry recommended.


 Suitable sun protection for hands while drivingSuitable sun protection for hands while runningSuitable sun protection for your hands while hikingSuitable sun protection for hands while cycling

Please note: The nature of the technical fabric means it is prone to snagging if it comes in contact with rough surfaces, such as velcro. Please use care to avoid coming into contact with rough surfaces. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

-This is an updated version of an earlier review, with changes according to information I received from the founder Candice when arranging my return-

I had been waiting several months for the chance to purchase these gloves in black, and I finally got them a few days ago through the post after pre-ordering them in the Colour Friday sale; which is its own story, but more on that later.

When I removed the gloves from the packaging- which included a very nice, sturdy travel zip pouch with the branding, and a tag with the UPF certification on- the first thing I noticed is that the gloves did not have the grey 'UPF 50+' print as shown in the photos, but were plain, aside from a small Manisafe label, which print was one of the things I liked about the design.

This change has been explained by Candice, who reports that this was removed due to customer demand so the gloves could be more easily personalised. I can understand this perspective, but it is disappointing to buy something in the belief you are getting a certain design, for it to arrive and turn out to be different. Candice said a note on this detail would be added to the product page until the photos can be updated, and I can see this has been implemented.

Another problem I had was the fit; I was expecting a snug fit, elegant as in the photos, but they appeared very creased on my hands, which was nowhere near as pleasing.

My main gripe however was the material; I don’t know what it was about it, but it made my skin itch, particularly on the backs of the hands. Which is kind of defeating the object when my main reason for buying them was to prevent skin irritation, specifically from sun sensitivity. Unfortunately for me, this factor rendered the gloves totally unsuitable for their intended purpose, so I have returned them for a refund. I would say if you have sensitive skin, unlikely as it may be, bear in mind that this could be an issue; if this is the case, the returns procedure was fairly straightforward in my experience.

Going back to the Colour Friday promotion: on the 24th November, I got an email through the newsletter with a 20% off discount code, allowing early access to the sale for subscribers. I submitted a pre-order for the gloves using this code the next day, as the expected timeframe for delivery had changed to 4 weeks. The following Monday, the 28th, I received another offer code, this time for 20% off plus free shipping. I emailed Manisafe that day through the website’s contact form, hoping that, since my purchase was a pre-order and hadn’t yet been dispatched, they might allow me to take advantage of this better promotion. When I submitted the message, a banner popped up to say it had been sent successfully. But I heard nothing back from them.

Candice has said that this seems to be a result of the contact form being broken, as they don’t have any records of a message from me that day, and they do make an effort to respond to every customer. I believe this, as I did not receive an automatic reply to that message, but I did when I used the ‘[****]’ email address to submit my return request, which I got a response to the same day. Candice has assured me that the contact form will be fixed without delay, so I am hopeful that this situation won’t happen again in the future.

Anyway, I can see there are a lot of people who enjoy and benefit from the use of these gloves, and I can respect that. I really wanted to like these gloves, they would have been perfect for summer if they had met my expectations, but they were sadly a disappointment, so I’m afraid I do not personally recommend them.

David Ward
No Gloves

Did not arrive so far,apparently they are what you call a pre order which seemingly was made clear at the time of purchase.No telephone number to contact unfortunately.But you can chat online which was quite helpful,the gloves still didnt arrive but the explanation as to where they were was nicely worded.Oh they have sent an email saying that they have planted a tree for me.So if you do not receive they gloves atleast you get a tree somewhere.

Diane Lavelle

What an amazing invention! Makes me feel much safer using my UV lamp for shellac nails. Quick delivery to Ireland with no hidden charges. Gloves arrive beautifully presented with a lovely note . So delighted with this purchase!

Highly recommended!

The gloves are well made and fit me just right (I usually wear size S-M).

The case to keep them in is a lovely addition to the purchase. The idea that these gloves help you protect your skin should be every lady's primary reason for buying them. Highly recommended!

Amy Nichole Harbison
The BEST UPF 50+ Gloves

I love these gloves so much and I am a 3x Melanoma survivor. I am all about protection from the sun. These are my go to and the best to keep you safe while being outdoors, driving and going to get your nails done at the salon using the gel polish. My husband wishes they made some in men's as he loved mine. Thank you for making these as I will be a customer for life. Much love from the USA.