Have your hands seen too much sun over the years? Here’s a guide to Hand Rejuvenation – it may just be your new best friend.

Have your hands seen too much sun over the years? Here’s a guide to Hand Rejuvenation – it may just be your new best friend.

Hands are one of the first areas of our body to show signs of ageing. It was once thought that hands with thin, wrinkly skin and decorated with age spots was an inevitable part of getting older. We are here to bust this myth for you! Most of these changes are a result of photodamage a.k.a. skin damage, resulting from too much unprotected sun exposure and also exposure to artificial sources of  Ultraviolet (UV) light such as tanning beds and nail lamps. At least 80% of premature ageing of the skin is a result of unprotected UV exposure.

Premature ageing to the skin can present as:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Thin and crepey skin
  • Lacklustre appearance
  • Hyperpigmentation a.k.a. age spots, sun spots and liver spots

Hand showing signs of sun damage


So how does the sun cause these changes exactly? The sun emits three bands (types) of UV radiation:

  1. UVC (Wavelength range 100-280 nm)
  2. UVB (Wavelength range 280-315 nm)
  3. UVA (Wavelength range 315-400 nm)

 Only two types, UVB and UVA, manage to pass through the ozone layer to reach the Earth’s surface and are invisible to the human eye. UVA rays are known as the Ageing rays, so you can probably guess which type is responsible for these pesky skin changes. UVA rays are longer and are present year-round even on cloudy days. They make up 95% of the UV rays that reach the earth’s surface. Because these rays are longer, they penetrate the deeper layers of the skin called the dermis. UVA rays can damage the skin’s precious collagen and elastin, responsible for keeping our skin looking firm yet supple and youthful. UVA rays also have an effect on existing melanin in the skin, leading to a tan and hyperpigmentation.

The good news is these unwelcome changes are preventable! You can keep your hands’ skin looking healthy and youthful for longer by protecting your skin from sunlight and artificial sources of UV light, such as sun beds and nail lamps, with effective broad-spectrum UV protection. This can be in the form of a High SPF with a UVA 5-star rating (or a PA++++ rating) or by the use of UPF 50+ gloves, which is the most effective form of sun and UV protection.  It is never too late to protect your skin because you can help prevent any future photo damage.

But what do you do if the damage is already done?

Hand rejuvenation treatment enters the chat.

Dr. Garagnani performing hand rejuvenation treatment

Photo Credit: SE1 Medical Aesthetics

This niche procedure is a growing trend in the aesthetic industry and world-renowned hand surgeon & Aesthetic Awards 2023 Finalist Dr. Lorenzo Garagnani of SE1 Medical Aesthetics in Bermondsey is a thought leader in this field.  While fascial aesthetics, such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, are becoming quite common place in beauty routines to achieve that ‘your skin but better’ appearance, it is causing a disparity between hands and the face. And aesthetic clients are investing in hand rejuvenation to bring things back into balance.   

Hand rejuvenation treatment involves a collection of aesthetic treatments designed to improve the appearance of the hands. This can include:

  • Dermal fillers – to restore lost volume
  • Skin boosters – to deliver deep skin hydration
  • Laser resurfacing – to address hyperpigmentation
  • Chemical peels – to address hyperpigmentation

Dermal filler in hand


The combination of treatments will be carefully selected to resolve the client’s primary concerns.

Aesthetic procedures should aways be left to highly trained medical professionals to ensure you receive the best results and to reduce the risk of complications. When it comes to hands, the anatomy is extremely complex and expertise is even more important. At SE1 Medical Aesthetics you receive surgeon led non-surgical cosmetic treatments in opulent surroundings. Dr. Garagnani has 20 years’ experience as a surgeon in Italy & the UK and leads Masterclasses in hand rejuvenation for fellow medical professionals, so you will be in safe hands when considering this procedure with Dr. G! For any healthcare professionals reading this, you can check out the details of the Masterclass here.  

MANISAFE is very proud to be included in SE1’s after treatment protocols to provide clients with gold-standard sun and UV protection with our multi-award-winning UV protective gloves. Effective UV protection is a vital part of post-treatment aftercare to protect the refreshed skin from experiencing photodamage again. UV protection should be applied while driving, getting gel manicures and enjoying outdoor activities.

So rather than regretting past decisions of leaving hands out of SPF applications, you can consider hand rejuvenation to give your hands a refresh. In the words of Dr. Garagnani “Our hands are a beautiful gift. They deserve all the care and attention we can give them – let’s show them off!” If you think Hand rejuvenation treatments would benefit you, you can book a consultation at SE1 Medical Aesthetics by clicking here.

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