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Our Story

A passion for gel nails and healthy skin...

Candice Quinn is the Founder of MANISAFE London. With a 15 year career in healthcare and medical devices, Candice has always been an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. Skin health and sun protection have been a passion of hers, not only for herself, but also her young family.

When Candice was introduced to gel manicures in 2012 - it was love at first gloss! From boardroom meetings to motherhood, it became a mainstay in her beauty routine. But she later learned there was a dark side to the nail lamps used to set her gorgeous nails.

The problem

Many years later, Candice was shocked to learn the UV/LED nail lamps used to cure the gel polish emit UV rays. She couldn't believe she wasn't informed by the nail salons, so she could protect her skin. Knowing UV exposure is the number one cause of skin damage, Candice delved into the scientific literature and consulted medical professionals to confirm repetitive use of nail lamps can increase risk of premature ageing and skin cancer.

The Aha! moment

On a quest to make gel manicures safer for her skin, she tried sunscreen, but as a busy Mum, she often failed to apply it in time to be effective and it caused the gel polish to lift, nightmare! One summer while watching her children in their splash pool wearing their obligatory UPF 50+ sun suits, she had an Aha! moment - she could make gloves from the same certified material to protect her hands in the lamp!

When Candice surveyed hundreds of women and realised they too were in the dark about the skin health risks of gel manicures, she knew it was time to take action. Launching MANISAFE was fuelled by the passion to empower women with the knowledge to make an informed choice for their skin health. And equally deliver an effective yet fashionable solution to protect the health of their hands.

Because a passion for pretty nails doesn't need to put your skin health at risk.

MANISAFE London is built on 3 core pillars:

Premium UV Protection

One of the biggest threats to our skin health is UV exposure. And even small amounts of exposure adds up over time.

Thankfully skin damage is preventable and we take pride in delivering premium protection. Made from certified UPF 50+ fabrics, our gloves are rigorously tested by European and Australian standards and rated Excellent Protection by AS 4399:2020, the highest rating in the world.

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Sustainability is at the core of our business. Our products are made with recycled materials, our shipping is carbon neutral, packaging is sustainable and we have an established tree planting programme.

We are keenly aware of the state of emergency our planet is in and we are planet-conscious in our actions. We source fabrics with part-recycled polyester, our packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable, and our shipping is carbon neutral. Our valued impact partner for this initiative is GoodShipping.

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Everyone is unique and that should be celebrated. From edgy to elegant, there are 6 fashionable prints to choose from to help you express your style, while protecting your hands. We want skin protection to be as fun as choosing your nail colour. And as a skincare product and fashion accessory all rolled into one, you will be making the ultimate style statement!

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